For a long period of time people used convention videography and photography for several purposes. But most shots are static because of the most commonly used tripod mounted camera. About one or two years ago there came a drastic change thanks to drones. Over time it has been more and more evolved and is still evolving.

What is a drone?

It’s an aerial flying platform which is designed to carry an HD camera. The device is radio-controlled. You have the choice between two sorts. The first sort are ready-to-fly drones, these are most popular for amateur users. The second group, used by professionals, are drones with a gimbal to carry the camera of your choice. The lowest price is around $2 500 for a more professional drone, it can go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Tips for event managers

You should use an experienced company, ask for references and their portfolio. Certainly check the insurance coverage of the provider, it should be at least 1 to 5 million dollars. Choose short videos over one long video. Publish the videos as quickly as possible and incite the visitors to share them. Change the point of view: if you have an outdoor event, provide the participants with GoPro cameras. Make sure the camera team has arranged their permissions to film the venue. You can’t only use aerial media for marketing efforts, but also for event logistics and planning.


Jana Martens




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